Cleaner Checklist




  Entire home 
  Stage all items according to PDF provided by Barefoot Vacation Rentals
  Report all damaged/ missing items within 12hrs of completing cleaning (Photos are required)
  Inform Barefoot Vacation Rentals when soft good items are running low. (Soft good list found in PDF)
  Sweep, mop, and/or Vacuum all floors
  Turn off Thermostat(s)
  Trash is taken to dumpster; liners replaced
  Inspect walls for scuffs/ dirt remove as needed
  Dust all items as needed to include, but not limited to fan, shelves, window seals, blinds, baseboards.
  Wipe down all doorknobs and light switches
  Lay remotes out near TV, ensure proper operation (batteries are not dead)
  Wipe/ clean windows as needed
  Vacuum under cushions in couch as needed.
  If personal items are left by guests, take photo and send it to Barefoot Vacation Rentals for item to be returned.
  Lock home when cleaning is complete. Ensure all doors, sliders are locked.
  Put 2 Barefoot Vacation Rentals wine glasses next to picture frame (report when running low)
  Linen/ Storage Closet 
  Fold all linens in a neat and orderly fashion.
  Replace and wash used linen (sheets, towels, pillowcases, duvet covers as needed, blankets as needed)
  Ensure under beds are kept dust free and tidy
  Clean out closets as needed, ensure hangers are in each room
  Ensure all drawers are empty
  Wash, put away all dishes.
  Arrange glasses and plates and silverware as needed
  Run garbage disposal
  Replace sponge with new one (provided by Barefoot Vacation Rentals)
  Ensure dish soap and dishwasher tablets are available
  Clean in stove as needed
  Clean in microwave as needed
  Remove all items from refrigerator, less condiments (ketchup, mustard, mayo). Wipe down
  Clean all stainless steel
  Ensure coffee maker is clean
  Report if items are running low – Salt, pepper, oil, sugar, tea, coffee, powdered creamer, paper towels.
  Ensure all kitchen towels are washed and placed back in their respective spot.
  Ensure paper towel roll is left of counter. (report when low)
  Walk perimeter of property, ensuring all items are in proper place and all trash is removed
  Wipe down BBQ, ensure gas tanks are full, no food left in BBQ
  Inspect the heater for the pool/jacuzzi is not on.
  Inspect pool/ jacuzzi for proper water level, no items in or around pool.
  Chairs, tables, etc. Wiped down.
  Trash taken to dumpster/liners replaced (please leave 5 extra bags for guests, under sink to use during their stay)
  All toilets, showers, sinks sanitized, wiped and all hair removed.
  Inspect under sinks for tidiness
  Restock toilet paper/makeup wipes as needed
  Ensure hairdryer is in the bathroom
  Refill all shampoo, conditioner, body wash and hand soap bottles as needed. (report when these items are running low)
  Wrap Up
  Report any damages/ missing items to Barefoot Vacation Rentals
  Report needed softgoods 



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