About Us


We are locally owned by a United States military veteran. Jessica, born and raised in Hawaii and now living in Temecula, California with her two daughters started managing her own homes after a trip she took to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 2015. She quickly learned the dos and the don’ts of the vacation rental business and guest interaction came second nature. In January of 2018, Jessica started Barefoot Vacation Rentals and now manages over 15 homes here in California and in South Carolina and growing quickly. Both Jessica and her team take great pride in serving guests from around the world and ensuring each person who arrives feels at home regardless how far they have traveled. Her attention to detail and dedication in creating a one of a kind experience for each guest is shown by the many ‘extras’ she provides in each of her homes.

Being a single mom, she knows the importance of family and financial stability. Barefoot Vacation Rentals is proud to say we pay our cleaners nearly twice the minimum wage and we are accommodating if their child is at the home while they clean. Family is first, and it should always be.

Jessica and her two daughters work together as a team. Her oldest, Aurelia and youngest Audrey help with laminating, paying the cleaners, and welcoming in guests. Learning valuable tools they will use when they get older. You can also watch a few videos they’ve made on Youtube, called the Girls of all Trades, fixing things around the house.

Jessica currently serves in the California Air National Guard as a refrigeration mechanic. Being part of the military allowed her to be part of something that was bigger than herself, rooted a sense of pride and patriotism, a hope for a better future, and a love to travel.

As an active member of her church, Jessica and her daughters know that none of this would have been possible without God and give him the glory for everything they do. Barefoot Vacation Rentals partnered with an Orphanage in Ensenada, Mexico, that houses 120 foster children. Barefoot Vacation Rentals sponsors two children monthly and we encourage our guests to join in the cause.

Barefoot Vacation Rentals mission is to assist in a one of a kind experience with personal touches throughout the home. We do this with a great crew and tried and true methods we continually perfect.